MechDesign Ltd have operated as an independent plug is resource and mechanical design office  for companies throuhout the UK since 2007. Our primary expertise is in the mechanical design field. However, we regularly engage with manufacturers early on within the design process to ensure that all designs are fit for purpose. We have a strong network of industry experts in a range of fields such as plastics technology and electronics.
We are a small group, with the ability to interface seamlessly with your own personnel, and thus add strength to your in-house capacity. Alternatively, we can take your project off-site and complete it with no disruption to your in-house work flow.

MechDesign Ltd will produce  3D objects and projects virtually, before their physical creation. MechDesign will help you test the feasibility of your projects or objects, preventing potential problems and saving your business time and money.

To enable you to meet increasingly complex legal, financial and technical regulations, our engineers provide a full and personalised service covering everything from feasibility studies to planning, design,and project supervision.

Innovative solutions

We propose innovative solutions where we think they suit the scope and budget of the project, but always prioritise your requirements. Our expert team have the experience to help you define project requirements from the very beginning, thus ensuring efficient project management.

Uniquely professional service

Our  consultants are directly involved in design planning and management, thus guaranteeing the quality of the project from start to finish.

We can provide you with a complete design package, from Solid Modeling and Finite Element Analysis through to 2D detail drawings, as required.

If you need Full product management for your product we can provide that too, along with any prototyping R&D and Manufature needs that you may have.

Comprehensive service portfolio

From feasibility studies to Full Project Management: we supervise and manage all aspects of the design project for private, commercial and public clients.

Proven track record

Our previous projects have received awards and numerous praise from organisations such as IED . Find out about our track record by taking a look at some of these projects.

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